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Why is the mechanism flexible aseismic cast iron pipe high quality housing the best drainage pipe material?

Cast iron pipe has been recognized globally as the best pipe material for building rainwater, sewage, waste water and ventilation systems because it has the following characteristics.

1. Excellent static and low noise drainage pipes of the best drainage pipes for high quality residential buildings with flexible and aseismic mechanism

The unique flake graphite ash structure of cast iron drain pipe makes it have good performance of absorbing vibration and low noise. According to an American expert on PVC, ABS and cast iron pipe test and comparative study of the period of one year, only the flexible interface cast iron drainage pipe, to satisfy today's residential, apartments and commercial buildings to the requirements of low noise level. The noise of cast iron drain pipe is 6~10 decibels lower than PVC pipe (average 8 decibels), 15 decibels lower than ABS pipe. The elastic rubber seal interface of cast iron drain pipe can effectively block the transmission of noise, and its efficiency is 7.5 times of that of PVC pipe. This is the reason why there is no noise in the discharge of cast iron pipes.

2. The best drainage pipe materials for high quality buildings with flexible and aseismic iron pipes have excellent corrosion resistance and durability exceeding the expected life of the buildings

It is a mistake to equate the corrosion resistance of cast iron drain pipes with that of ordinary steel. Gray cast iron is an iron, carbon and silicon alloy. Although the weight percentage of carbon and silicon only accounts for about 3.5 to 4 percent and 3 percent respectively, the total volume of the two accounts for more than 27 percent of the total cast iron volume. Carbon is in the form of flake graphite and silicon is in the form of silica crystal in the structure of cast iron. The average person would think that graphite is a soft texture of the carbon black, but in the scaly graphite of gray iron group, for cast iron in the process of solidification shrinkage, a huge extrusion pressure becomes very dense and hard, together with corrosion resistant silica in the tissues of the gray cast iron, when parts of iron casting surface corrosion, can form a layer of dense, high strength of insoluble flaky graphite and silicon dioxide layer, become prevent grey iron iron further corrosion protective barrier.

3. The non-flammability of the best drainage pipe materials of the high quality residential buildings with flexible and aseismic iron pipes is the fire protection barrier of the refractory buildings

广东11选5 The non-combustible and high temperature resistance of cast iron pipe makes it an irreplaceable drainage pipe for building a safe refractory building. When a fire occurs, it has two obvious advantages to mitigate disaster losses:

 (1) prevent the spread of fire, and gain valuable time for residents to escape and fire fighting

 (2) prevent the harmful effects of toxic smoke from fire on human body

4. The anti-deformation and anti-seismic performance of the best drainage pipe materials for high quality residential buildings with flexible and anti-seismic mechanism ensures the property safety

Due to the increasing shortage of construction land, most of the residential buildings in China are high-rise buildings, and some areas belong to areas with high earthquake incidence. The anti-deformation and anti-seismic performance of building drainage pipeline is an important index to ensure the safe operation of drainage system. The current national product standards for cast iron drainage pipes are formulated with reference to the flexible aseismic pipes standards of developed countries. The flexible joint type is adopted to make it have good seismic performance. In the early 1990s, the seismic performance test of the pipe joints in China to formulate the standards for cast iron drainage pipes proved that the flexible cast iron drainage pipes were safe to be used in the area with seismic intensity of 9 degrees. It is also proved that buildings with flexible iron drain pipes have withstood the test of earthquake and the drainage system is in good condition. The newly revised GB/T12772 standard for flexible joint cast iron pipes, fittings and accessories for drainage has officially been included in the standard as a normative appendix. On August 1, 2015 formally implemented GB50981-2014 "code for seismic design of building mechanical and electrical engineering standard also make clear a regulation, high-rise buildings and seismic intensity () in 9 degrees should adopt the mechanism of flexible interface cast iron drainage pipe".

广东11选5 In recent years, our country gradually began to attach importance to building drainage system security problem, the new formulation of the seismic design of building mechanical and electrical engineering in the standard regulation, high-rise buildings and seismic intensity region 9 degrees of appropriate USES flexible interface cast iron drainage pipe. In some of the new formulation and revision of the product and engineering standards, gradually improve the cast iron drainage pipe manufacture and application of technical terms, which will further promote residential building drainage system of overall quality.