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The comparison between w-type cast iron pipe and a-type and b-type cast iron pipe shows that a-type pipe has the advantages of high joint strength, good sealing and strong vibration resistance. However, in order to ensure the strength of the socket, the pipe wall thickness is required to be large, and the corresponding cost is relatively high. In addition, according to the design requirements and the actual situation of the site, the length of the straight pipe should be cut off. The cut straight pipe segment cannot be reused, and the material waste is quite large. Therefore, in recent years, the market share of type A flexible cast iron drain pipe has dropped significantly.

W type cast iron pipe and the comparison of type A, type B cast iron pipe of B type pipe: B type pipe combines W straight pipe length can be on-demand suit cut, the advantages of high strength type A interface, is gradually accepted by the market and use.

Compared with type A and type B cast iron pipes, type W pipe has the following advantages:

 (1) light weight

Type B cast iron pipe adopts w-type straight pipe, but the pipe fittings still have socket, the pipe fittings have thick wall, the connection mode is socket flange connection. Paper reference network. Therefore, W cast iron pipe is generally lighter in weight and lower in cost than A and B cast iron pipe.

 (2) small radial dimension (no flange), easy to arrange and save space

 (3) convenient disassembly and installation


 The w-type cast iron pipe adopts the method of connecting with a hoop. The hoop bolt is tightened outside the interface, which is easy to operate. For maintenance without as type A and type B cast iron pipe to sawing to exit the pipe or pipe fitting, but need to loosen the clamp can be on both ends of the pipe or pipe fitting, very easy to construction or use of the pipeline replacement and maintenance.

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