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Several aspects should be paid attention to in the application of w-type cast pipe engineering

Because the demand of w-type cast iron pipe increases year by year in recent years, the quantity of manufacturer also increases gradually, the product quality on the market is mixed. When using, we should carefully check the quality of materials, check and accept according to the corresponding specifications, and ensure that the pipe materials put into use must be qualified products.

The installation and construction of w-type cast pipe should be carried out in strict accordance with the operation procedure

W type cast iron pipe connected by the flat, the flat connection of watertight performance is flange connection condition of slightly socket type, therefore, in addition to strictly control the quality of pipe and pipe fittings such as ontology, but also special attention to the pipe and fitting port protection, guarantee roundness and roughness of the port.

The sealing effect is not only related to the material itself, but also depends on the fastening degree of bolts. When firm bolt, had better use the special tool that supports by the manufacturer, can assure the effect of fastening already can improve working efficiency.

The installation and construction of w-type cast pipe workers should pay attention to strict compliance with the construction quality acceptance specifications and relevant technical regulations, as well as the installation of pipeline supports and suspension frames.

The optimal drainage pipe material should be considered in combination with the function of the building. In residential buildings, flexible cast iron drainage pipe should be considered first, and the type W should be considered first for the interface method.

The state has issued new national standards to enable designers and construction workers to follow. However, the quality of products on the market is mixed and needs strict management. At the same time, construction enterprises must constantly improve the construction technology, so as to facilitate the extension and popularization of pipe materials.

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